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Honey, Honey!

Honey is by far my favorite skin- and hair-care product so it is only fitting that it be my first blog post on Pretty Natural! Honey is a natural anti-bacterial so, used as a face mask, it can clear the grime and hidden dirt from the pores. It is also incredibly moisturizing  – and it works for all skin types! This treat is the bees’ knees and truly the gold standard of organic face-care.

My favorite use of (organic) honey is to just slather it on as a face mask as is. Sticky? Yes, but it washes off easily with lukewarm water – no soap necessary!

Here are some other great recipes:

A conditioning treatment for split ends: 1/2 of honey + 2 tbsp to 1/4 cup of olive oil. If you have thin or fine hair (like me!) apply the mixture from ends of hair and stop right under the ears. If any conditioning treatments get too close to the roots your hair will be flat and greasy.

A moisturizing bath: Add one cup of honey to a warm bath. Add milk if you have a sunburn or sensitive skin or oatmeal* if you crave even more moisture.

A facial scrub and mask: Mix equal parts honey and brown sugar. Apply to face and massage lightly using the tips of the fingers (not the nails!) This is also great for any rough spots on the body (think elbows, hands, and feet).
Cleansing and rejuvenating mask: Mix 1/2 cup honey + 1 whipped egg and apply for twenty minutes. Honey softens and egg brightens!

*If you plan to add oatmeal to your bath but dread cleaning it out of the tub use this trick: Wrap a cup of oatmeal in some gauze and tie it around the nozzle of the tub. This way the water runs through the oatmeal, deposits the benefits into the warm bath water, and is easy to clean up!


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This was a great read; I’m surprised! Not by you obviously, just that it took me Thirty min’s
to find your blog in the big g. That’s far too long for a quality site like this… far too long!

Comment by Laverne

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