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olive oil

I have slightly sensitive skin. Some days I’m just like any other human, and other days I’m scaly like a tuna. Some days I’m glowy and others I’m ghostly. We all have our beauty ups and downs, but one ingredient that is a part of my beauty routine no matter what? Olive oil.

Olive oil has been praised for keeping the Mediterranean population so healthy – even Hippocrates knew how pretty he felt after. On my trip to Italy last summer I ate so much olive oil on my bread because they basically serve it in buckets and hoped I would be skinny like the Europeans the next day. That didn’t work. But we can use olive oil to reap external benefits!

So why not? It’s the easiest kitchen marvel to use – you can literally put it directly on your skin if you want. I have a few other tips and, I promise, you will NOT be disappointed.


Easy Conditioner: You can heat your 1/2 cup of olive oil in the microwave but, unless your microwave is in your bathroom (unsafe) it’s a lot easier to heat it in the bathroom sink. Fill a travel-sized bottle with 1/2 cup olive oil. Fill the sink with hothothot water and place the bottle afloat in the sink while you shampoo your hair in the shower. Use it on the tips of your hair and leave on for as close to 30 minutes as you can.


Easy moisturizing bath: Pour 1 cup of olive oil in the tub as it fills with water. This can leave a slippery film so make sure to wash it out after. Vinegar is good for that job!

**Shave easier: I haven’t used shaving cream in years. It’s such a waste of money when oil can do the same thing. I vary between baby oil and olive oil but they both do an exceptional job. The best part? There’s no need to moisturize afterward! Just pour some in your hand and rub it all over the area to be shaved and… well… shave! No need to rinse!


Softer lips in the morning: Dab some on your lips before bed. Can taste a little weird if you don’t like olive oil.

Moisturizing mask: A little olive oil, a little honey and an egg is all you need for this mask. This is great for dry skin or for a burst of moisture in the winter.

**One of my favorite tips. Try this!


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