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tea for me

I haven’t blogged lately because I had a very busy birthday week full of outings and celebration. When I finally had a free day, I sat and watched TV and drank tea. Tea is a great remedy for so many things. If I’ve had a bad day, I console myself with tea. If I’m sick, I drink tea to counteract the stuffed, trapped feeling my head is experiencing. On a cold, rainy day, nothing beats a cup of chai.

And, as you’ve probably guessed, tea is also great when you combine it with your skin-care regimen. Since green tea is a powerful antioxidant it can have several benefits such as strengthening your SPF and helping to slow the aging process. Try some of these simple tips for hydrated, energized skin. And brew a cup for you!


Lavender anti-dandruff rinse:  This one’s easy – brew some lavender tea and pour it in your hair. Rinse after 15 minutes for shiny strands. I like this one at night, since lavender is a great de-stressor.


Antioxidant bath: So many people forget the skin on their bodies, but taking care of yourself is easier than you think. Grab the thinnest washcloth you have (cheesecloth is best but it’s not common in all kitchens) and wrap different tea leaves inside. I suggest some green tea, chamomile tea, and white tea. Secure the cloth around the nozzle of the bath and run warm water as usual. This way your bath is a big cup of tea without being messy.


Tea toner: Freeze green tea in an ice cube tray and use them as a daily dose of toner.

Extra SPF: Add some green tea to your sun-screen for added protection – only if your sun-screen is made with zinc oxide, though! The tea can break down other chemicals.


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