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October 13, 2010, 06:43
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When I first moved away from home, I was 18 and living in a small apartment in Örebro, Sweden. And I still couldn’t even cook pasta without burning it. Many people gave me helpful cookbooks, hoping I would survive the year in the Scandinavian cold.I did survive, in case you’re wondering. And I learned from one of the books that the water you boil potatoes in is incredibly healthy. Mixing it in with recipes – even skin recipes- is superb for oily skin! Do these tips – they’re among the easiest on this blog.

Cleanser: Potato water on its own is sufficient, but blending potatoes, potato water and some cucumbers makes for a refreshing, anti-oil cleanser.

Eye mask: Cut slices of raw potato and place under eyes for 20 minutes. The texture, and the oil-absorbing property as well as the enzymes found naturally in the spud will help reduce puffiness and dark circles. Bonus, use a potato that has been in the fridge – the colder the better to ease puffiness.

Facial mask: Simply grating a raw potato and leaving on the face for 15 minutes has a pore-reducing effect. It sounds weird, but I dare you to try it.


post gym remedies

Now that my busy schedule has become a routine, I can get back to some of the things I love: blogging and going to the gym. I’ve been on hiatus from the blogging (yes, again) and from the gym (want these!) because I have to actually buy a membership now that I’m a grown up and can’t use the university gym for free. Bummer.

I’m not exactly a gym-lover, I just love the way a work out feels. I also love pretending to be good at running and always exit the gym with a tomato-red face while avoiding the pretty, skinny girls at the desk.

When I return home I promptly take a shower (even before speaking to people. I don’t want anyone to recognize me post- gym) and do a few things to restore my energy and ease the occasional muscle/joint pain.


DIY Ice Pack: So easy! Fill a heavy duty zip-lock bag with three parts water and one part rubbing alcohol and freeze it.


Salty sock: No, really. Heat as much salt as desired in a heavy pan and pour it into a clean, heavy sock. Tie the end and use it on strained or sore muscles.


I like to follow my work outs with a deep- cleansing mask because sweat and oil settle in pores to create blackheads and infections. Sometimes I use Korres Cinnamon Mask because it has unexpected ingredients and it’s not DIY so I can use it in a hurry, but if I have more time I’ll do this one: 1 tbs heavy cream, 1 tbs honey, and enough baking soda to make a paste.

Remember to replenish precious water lost from the body. I like to add lemon for extra cleansing or cucumber for even more hydration. I hope this entry inspires me to get a membership soon!

ice cold

Today it’s supposed to get close to 100 degrees F and there is no beach or pool in sight. I will be correcting papers and generally doing tasks that allow me to sit very still.

Lately my skin has been suffering from the heat. I can’t seem to get my creams and lotions applied before I begin to perspire so it’s causing a bit of disruption on the skin’s surface. I’m also so sick of running around campus in the beating sun. So today, I will relax with a few of the easiest tips I know!

Use ice! Not just to cool down, ice helps tighten the pores and can be good in this heat because your skin needs a break! These tips are very simple and will make you feel so much cooler.


Before you go freezing regular ice cubes and running them over your face (which is an ok idea) try these more creative tips.

Rose cubes: Make an infusion of rose water – as easy as boiling rose petals in water and letting it cool- and make ice cubes from the infusion. Rose water is a light astringent so it gives the skin a healthy look.

Cucumber cubes: This one is my favorite. Cucumbers have a naturally high water content so just freezing cucumber slices on their own would be sufficient. They are also so great on puffy eyes, so make sure to use these cubes early every morning when you haven’t had enough sleep. I would keep cucumber cubes available all year long if I remembered to do it! To do: let sliced cucumbers sit in water for as long as desired. Then pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. You can choose to remove the pieces of cucumber from the cubes or even leave them in. These cubes are also delicious in a glass of water!

Orange cubes: I cannot stress enough the benefits of vitamin C from its original source. However, try not to get lazy and use orange juice. A lot of times the juice is concentrated and just not as fresh. To do: Juice an orange and mix with water. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray. Voilà – Orange juice for you and your skin in the morning.


Shiny Hair: Ice cold water is a great way to seal hair’s cuticle and make it shiny. Use any of the  water recipes (except the orange cubes), chilled in the freezer but not quite frozen, and pour all over hair.


Ice bath: Of course you could pour any one of the ice recipes into a bath but I’m not sure I would want to get quite that cold…