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smorgåsbord of ingredients, one good outcome
March 19, 2011, 19:06
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What are you doing tomorrow afternoon? Homework? Watching TV? If you’re going to be lounging around, then treat your hair to this conditioning mask.

It takes an hour or two to work, but it’s worth it if your hair is fried from being styled all the time or just lifeless from the recent fluctuating weather. And this recipe is from this month’s Marie Claire magazine, so you don’t have to trust me.


2 small avocados

1/2 cup honey

1 egg yolk (use the egg white for this)

2 tbsp olive oil

Leave in for an hour or two and then shower and condition as usual. Your hair will thank you me.

You’re welcome 🙂


even more nutmeg

I posted last time about nutmeg being good for eczema. Turns out, though, that nutmeg is even more the superhero than I thought. After posting about it last time, I continued my research on nutmeg because it couldn’t hurt to do more with the sweet-smelling spice. And my research was not in vain.

Last night I tried a nutmeg paste as a blackhead remover. And wow. I really thought it was too good to be true, but it worked. And it smelled lovely. And my skin glowed.

So really, this one needs to be tried. BY YOU. Here are some great facials using nutmeg. Enjoy!

For Oily skin:

I made a paste of water and nutmeg until I reached the desired consistency. But it was still difficult to keep the nutmeg on. Instead I probably could have used egg which is pore-constricting and cleansing. You could use it as a scrub first and then leave on.

For Normal skin:

For normal (or delicate skin) I would use whole milk. It’s gently exfoliating and refreshing.

The incredible, useable egg
June 4, 2010, 08:00
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Eggs are odd. I get a little disgusted by the concept of eating them but I still think they’re delicious. They are full of protein so they’re a great addition to vegetarian meals but the protein they carry can also noticeably firm the skin and condition hair. Your skin and hair benefit greatly from the enormous amount of protein that is naturally found in eggs, which means you can make your own masks for less than half the cost of firming creams.


Conditioning and revitalizing hair mask: Hair is “dead”, I know. But it could use some tlc nonetheless. A lot of recipes call for 1 egg mixed with 1 tbsp of water but I’m a fan of using the egg on its own. Whip it, leave it on for 15 minutes (under a shower cap for best effect) and rinse out.


Eggs Benedict: Crack two eggs and plop them into a running bath. Easiest tip of them all!


Firming mask: So many recipes tell you to use only the egg whites for this mask. For no reason at all… except for maybe women are so scared that the yolk will make them fat apparently even if they put it on their faces. But the yolk is an important part of the protein count so whip one egg and pat it on your face. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove with a moist towel.

Firming eye-mask: Yes, I could have included this in the face mask above… but you actually don’t need to rinse this one off. AND, you’re only using the egg white here because the yolk would be too heavy to leave on. To do this brilliant trick, whip one egg white till foamy and pat a thin layer under the eye. Once it dries, you can swipe another thin layer over it or skip to applying lotion and makeup as usual. This trick is great if you haven’t gotten a lot of sleep the night before.